Clement H. Holloway

Clement is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Sales Trainer and an Avid reader with a thing for poetry and good music.

What I Do

Sales Consulting & Training

No business can succeed without a super sales team and the proper sales systems and structures to enable them work more effectively. My goal for every organization that I consult for, is to create the right environment for sales excellence and equip their sales force with the tools, skills and strategies they need for maximum performance.

Technology Consulting

Technology is constantly changing the world, and any business or organization that does not adopt quickly will either die or be left behind. My goal is to guide businesses and organization through this swift and somewhat difficult evolution by suggesting the right technology and implementing the systems they need to succeed.

Digital Marketing Consulting

With the swift change and evolution of modern technologies, the only way for businesses to stay relevant and profitable in the growing and very lucrative online marketplace is Digital Marketing. My goal is to help businesses to either change their business models to an online one, or beef up existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies.

Entrepreneur Coaching

I believe that Africa can only become self-sufficient if young entrepreneurs are equipped with the right skills, resources and exposure. My commitment, is to groom young African entrepreneurs and businesses, to become global brands that will take charge and grow the African economy.