African Movies (2016 Golden Movie Awards Theme Poem)

African Movies;
Action, Adventure, Comedy,
Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance, War;
Laughter with no remedy.
This is Africa, the people, tribes, cultures, music, our lives;
Projected on wide screens in bright lights:
We have come a long way.

African Movies;
Stories told with great precision and rapacious passion,
Scripted by legends in the early years of long ago,
So know, we are not here to joke.
We are taking the world by storm,
Hollywood has heard of us, Bollywood is scared of us;
We are their worst nightmare happening and nothing is stopping us.

African movies;
They teach us so much…, we can’t deny,
Our lessons now revived.
We learn about courage, strength and tenacity;
Love, marriage and heartbreaks.
Our movies teach us about respect, kings,
Beauty and women, African women;
Beautiful Queens and princesses of our land;
Priceless gifts from creation.
Look around, everywhere, closer, next to you …,
here is your proof.

African movies;
The new standard for living;
Our principles, beliefs, pride; welcome to the new normal.
Forget the suit and ties; be kings and queens with class,
Now rise, pick your style
And give the world a reason to price,
It’s our right.

African Movies;
They tell a story, our story, the African story;
The rich African culture presented to the world in grand style and elegance.
Perceptions are changed, lives transformed and generations informed.
We have the whole world watching us,
Waiting to be trilled and filled… happy feelings for real;
So come, gather around,
Everyone- glasses, up – like that…
Make a toast to the crowd and be proud,
We are Africans with style.

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