Another Lost Child

If I ever lose my faith in God,
And walk this life an outcast, fake and mad;
What do I stand to gain for all my struggles, pain and grind?
Do I have a place in life’s big blueprint?
Will I be happier rich, famous; or star-crossed and arcane?
Will I be remembered after I turn to dust?
Buried away with all my greed and lust…
Is there a better way to spend this life?
Maybe, I should just waste it all on booze, drugs and sex.
OMG, I think lost my path,
God come, save me; I don’t wanna die.
Please receive me, take me;
Another lost child.

If I have needs that cost dough, dreams I can’t own,
Blessed with a pretty body that men crave to death;
Hell yeah! They’ll pay for a taste.
I’ve got to use what I have, to get what I want;
It’s just common sense people, no mathematical equation here.
I’m an entrepreneur: my body-the product and money-the price.
Business is booming friends; see what I got…
A brand-new car, a home-used body and a positive on every medical test.
Hey wait! This doesn’t sound so good,
There’s got to be a better way.
OMG!! I think lost my path.
God come, save me; I don’t ‘wanna’ die.
Please receive me, take me;
Another lost child.

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