Before You Judge Me

I am a sinner
I guess you can call me an outcast, an unbeliever, a wretch
Someone not fit to be in the church
But before you judge me and start to call me names, please try to understand me.

My mom birthed me before thirteen
And her prince charming wasn’t charming enough to come find me
So I grew up without a father, no role model
Just me in this big empty bubble
But, I was lucky
I found some brothers who knew how to live this life
They told me to smoke that weed or forever remain lonely
And I believed it
Gosh!! It felt good.
That smoke nourished my lungs and fed my brains with all kinds of great ideas, I was on top of the world people,… and I loved it

Then they told to pull the trigger or forever remain broke.
What…. Broke?
Naa… not my portion.
I clung to that gun and pulled the trigger with every mental high
Each poo poo pao gave me a financial fly
Enough to pay for all needs and wants
And I clung to that job… at least I had I job.
But now confined to this cell, all I have is regrets and the broken pieces of my existence
I live every single day with tears in my heart cos I’m too ashamed to cry.
My wildlife friends have all erased me
And this fazes me
So before you judge, please try to understand me

My Dear Christians, I know I’m not Holy, but neither of you is
So quit trying to make me feel like I’m the only one in this boat
I may be guilty but I’ve got Christ
And when he died on that cross, he died for me
So call me what you will, but I’m forgiven, saved and revived
There’s no blot that was left unerased
No mistake left uncorrected
Or debt unpaid
So I will sing with my notes high
And move my body like the win wind slide
Cos I’m high and intoxicated with love…
And by the grace of God I’m no longer guilty
So before you open your Bibles to judge me, just know that even Jesus Christ didn’t judge me.

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