Dear June,
I wanted to write you before noon,
But I couldn’t get my mind in tune.
COVID-19 got my thoughts racing like Bolt.
But hey!!! We are survivors.
This too shall pass.

So how are you holding up…?
considering all the allegations leveled against you…
Things like… “By June De3…” and all.
Frankly, I think you shouldn’t have come…,
But now that you are here, I’ve got a few requests…

Firstly, I need a cure for COVID-19.
These are not ordinary times,
And a breakthrough invention like that will make me an International Super Power…,
I love power.

Secondly, I need some loose Ghc 100,000 to impress some girl I like.
She’s smart, exquisite and way out of my league.
But you know me June, when I want something, I get it..
So make it happen Bro.

We’ve known each other for over 30 years now…
You and I go way back.
So I am counting on that friendship.
Please don’t mess things up for me this year.

I know it’s your first day, and I’m certain you need some time to settle in.
So Just start me off with these two.
I will email the rest to you by close of day tomorrow.

Do have a blessed 2020 June, and don’t forget, we’ve got plans…
30th is gonna be fire.

It’s you buddy,

#epeolatry #clemhholloway #june

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