Let The Inauguration Begin

We gather to celebrate a new beginning
The birth of a new dawn
A new age, a new sun
A district
A mother of many daughters:
Adenta, Ashongman, Taifa and Malejor
Dauntless missionaries of the Foursquare faith
Spreading the good news from Taifa to Ashongman
East Legon to Adenta
Through Malejor and Dodowa
No more waits
Come and take your space
For tomorrow will be too late
The gates are wide open, troop in and be saved

While we wait for the inauguration to begin
Let’s begin to enunciate everything that’s at stake
First, the introduction of the district executives
Hard working men and women of substance
The ones who we now entrust the fate of this this heavenly creation
Then the cake
Sweet flavoured with every stroke of sucrose
Creatively designed and decorated by our very own Beacon
Now recon
All you can about her cakes on social media @CakeBeacon

So, after the cake excitement
We calm to listen to our Papa, Rev. Nat Laryea
Share his great vision for the district with us all
Now with happy hearts,
We’ll embrace our General Overseer Rev. Ahenkorah’s words
And with songs exhilaration we’ll do the dance of praise,
Raising seed for the District like millionaires
Yes millionaires
Believe it or not we are all millionaires in Christ
So rise cherished guests
Rise good people of this big family
Rise Foursquare Gospel Church, rise
And with a round of deafening applause,
Let the inauguration begin.

Written and performed at Foursquare Gospel Church-Adenta District Inauguration-2018

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