Life’s Journey

My Dear child,
Don’t be afraid to live your life.
Dream dreams and see visions,
It’s your right.

When the world around you grows wild,
Slow down, take five;
And allow the Maker to direct your decisions,
He’ll ease your fright

Understand that life is not kind;
It’ll break and cause to strive.
But smile; don’t let it sadden your ambitions,
It’ll be alright.

My child,
Do your best, work hard;
And the universe will give it’s all,
It’s principle.

Be kind:
Feed the hungry, help the weak; lend a hand
And God will bless and give you all,
It’s in the Bible.

Never let love slip from your hands;
Embrace it when it arrives, it’s timed.
It’ll lead where you go and push you when you stall,
Love is responsible.

My Dear child,
Heed my words; it’s your guide
Be wise and make me proud.
With love, Dad.

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