Love is Awful

The only thing that makes you laugh when you fall;
Love makes you smile, but sorrow follows shortly after.
Love is beautiful, yet ugly;
It hurts, it can make you cry.

Love is power, but to be in love is slavery.
It is hate, but you might never feel hated.
Love is an ocean we can never cross;
And that is why we keep falling in love.

Love is a wind, it blows against everyone;
It is a light, yet we’re blind in love.
Love makes a man and breaks a woman;
It molds a woman and trains a man.

Love doesn’t discriminate,
It favors the strong and strengthens the weak;
Love makes the wise fools and fools wise.
It is sweet, but bitter like coal.

Love is a Ghanaian, but comes from Japan;
Love understands all languages, but speaks none.
Love is really awful, but who am I to say it.

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