Love is Beautiful

L. O. V. E…. Love!
Love is butterflies,
Love is sweet and yellow;
It’s milk and honey when you swallow,
Love is ghetto, so don’t forget to let go if you have to.

You see! …
Love doesn’t have to be about me,
You, this boy, that girl, you all;
Love cares even when you don’t deserve it.
Now that’s rare,
‘Cos’ for most, love is just an investment;
Just in for the return…
Beware! … Heartbreaks are real.

Love isn’t perfect;
Love will make mistakes, tell lies and forget your birthdays, anniversaries, all days;
Love is very forgetful, but love also remembers…
Like a cup of coffee this morning or the kiss Good Night. Love is sensitive.

Love will cause you to feel pain,
Love will hurt, but hold no grudge, because
Love is simply being human like everyone else.
There are times that love will make you ‘wanna’ say:
It’s over, I quit, I’m going…
Love will even say goodbye, but don’t cry,
Because love will never let go.

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