My Woman

She’s a woman unlike any other female,
She’s got fine hips, cute lips; and a great smile that betrays all her other detail. She has long legs and arms, the perfect set to match her slender supermodel figure;
Go figure, she’s my woman.

She’s my perfect definition of beauty,
The kind that brightens a Sunday morning like the story of creation; the kind that gets you to wonder if she ever was created for this world, the kind that makes you ‘wanna’ get down on your knees and say; may God be praised.
I’m talking about my woman.

She’s a queen, her royal highness, ruler of the Holloway Kingdom; the power behind my every creation, my fire and my shine. She’s my motivation, the reason for my dauntless attitude,
The reason I never give up;
Yeah right!… she’s my woman

She’s not a party girl like all the other chicks,
So she sticks even when my party is out of treats;
She stays when everyone else leaves,
She’s a true friend, my woman.

She walks with me through my storms and dances with me in the rains. And when the blazing heat of life burns the soles of my heart, she carries me in her arms,
She’s simply amazing and I love her
She’s my woman.

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