When I Get Where I’m Going

When I get where I’m going;
The world would stare in surprise and wonder how I made it this far.
They’ll embrace me with open arms and loving hearts;
No doubt, some will hate.

When I get where I’m going;
Friends I couldn’t find on my way will find their way into my life without an invitation or a GPS,
Yes!… They’ll blow trumpets to the hearing of everyone…
He and I go way back.

When I get where I’m going;
I’ll raise my head way up up in the skies,
And with a clinched fist, I’ll say a big shout-out to my haters, back biters, blood suckers and dream killers…. for they made me who I’ve become;
Without them, there will be no me.

When I get where I’m going;
I’ll sing a song, a beautiful love song,
A melody for everyone who supported my dream:
The ones that gave me a push when the climb was tough,
The ones that kept holding me up, when all I wanted to do was climb down.
I’ll take a bow and say… Thank you!

When I get where I’m going;
I’ll shed tears;
Tears I kept for every pain and hurt I had to go through,
Tears I gathered for everyone that told me my chances were bleak,
No! That wasn’t sweet, but I had to embrace the pain like it has no stain.

When I get where I’m going;
I’ll take a moment to say a prayer;
A prayer for everyone out there with a dream;
The underdogs: the small pegs with no holes to fit in,
The ambitious: the ones that dare to different,
The stupid: those that risk it all to win it all;
I’d say; keep pushing and never ever give up
For the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

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