When Jesus Happens

When Jesus happens,
You’ll think you are not ready;
You will wonder: why now and not later or before.
When Jesus happens, you’d wish you had more notice;
A month, another year, someday, may be never.

When Jesus happens,
You’d still be you; Ama, Micky, Ibrahim.
But when Jesus happens, your life changes, you become a new person.

When Jesus happens,
You’d not understand, and neither will you friends.
They will call you names, laugh and play with your emotions.
But when Jesus happens, none of that will matter;
His love will be sufficient for you.

When Jesus happens,
You could be harlot, drug addict, liar or a wanted criminal;
It won’t matter.
When Jesus happens, old things pass away; everything becomes new.

When Jesus happens,
The world would be bigger, richer and sexier;
Women will be prettier; men will have more money,
And sex; a little above free.
But when Jesus happens, you can’t be a part of that crowd;
No! You can’t fit in.

When Jesus happens,
I’ll not be there to tell you what to do;
I will be long gone and almost forgotten
But when Jesus happens, you’d have to make a decision; decide to let Him happen to you.

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