Dear God,
Thank you for giving me the ‘balls’ to start something on my own, even though I didn’t have to. But now that I’ve started, there are few things we need to discuss:

1. Mental Health: I know my head is perfectly fine… at least for now, but there are countless times that my mind kept racing out of control and felt like I had blown a fuse. God, please keep this in check, before I wake up one day in the crazy highs of Jupita somewhere.

2. Clients: God, over the years, I have experienced and served many kinds of clients, but there 3 kinds that I pray that keep away from me or my business.

The first is The Bully. This is the kindly that thinks because they are well established and bigger than my business, I should worship them. They are usually the ones that don’t know the very obvious different between employee and service provider. God, please let them not locate me in Jesus name.🙏🏾🙏🏾

The second kind is The Magician. These are the one that are able to create smoke out of nothing. They find fault with every service or product they get even though it’s usually nothing. They look too hard for problems, and if they find none, they do one or two tricks and Bam!!! a problem appears. These clients are better of being served by another magician, so since you didn’t gift me with those powers, please keep them away from me.

The last kind is The Cheap One: These ones are always on a budget. They always want the cheapest service they can find and when they finally get their money’s worth, the complain about bad service. These clients mostly request for a free service before they consider me for a project, and when I finally land a project from them, they stress me out over price and unrealistic deadlines. God, please when they ask for a service, give me the guts to say ‘NO’; when they seek, let them not find me; and when they knock, let me not open my doors.

3. Money: Alpha and Omega, the begging and the end, the creator of the entire universe, the source of all wealth, ‘abi you know dada?’… Living in this world withot money is like trying to breathe without oxygen, it’s totally impossible. So God, Make Me Wealthy. Let money look for me, give me big contracts (Government contracts excluded, because they only pay when the money has lost its value), let every project of mine turn into money, make all my debtors stop being greedy and pay me quickly, give me financial wisdom, keep the witches and wizards in my hometown far away from my business and finally God, keep broke girls very far away from me.

I know this is a lot to ask, but I’m counting on your ever abounding providence. God, grant these and I will never ceases to be grateful. In Jesus’ name I’ve prayed,

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