The True Essence of Valentine

What is the true essence of valentine?…
Is it the red roses we give to the ones we love?
Is it the nice gifts we share in hopes of getting a return?
Is it the bright lights, slow music or poetic incantations we rattle?


Valentine is not for you.
It’s not for your girlfriend or boyfriend,
It’s not for brother, sister, mother, father or any other loved one for that matter.
Valentine is not for us, it’s for them!

Valentine is for the unloved
The ones you see on the street with needs you can meet
The ones that walk our neighbourhoods with tears in their hearts
The ones that cry in silent whispers because their voice is forbidden
The ones that are weak from the burdens we lay on them
The one that have no idea what day today is…

Valentine is for the those that have never been loved,
You know them, find them, love them.
Happy Valentine

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